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Job Interview Tips for Customer Service Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Customer Service Jobs

When you are heading for a customer service job interview, your biggest challenge is to show your abilities to create positive atmosphere for your clients. The goal of the interview is to obtain an understanding of how you are going to respond to various situations. Often, you should expect to have plenty of behavioral and situational questions aiming to gauge your customer service abilities.

1. Expect and practice questions.

As you are working as customer service, it is extremely important to analyze data quickly and work out sensible resolutions timely. Your potential employer will try to extract such information through interview questions like: “Tell me a situation that you are inundated with information when trying to resolve a problem, what steps did you take to manage the problem?” “Give me a scenario when you are faced with a situation that others found difficult, but you successfully solved the problem in a relatively simple fashion.” “Share with me an example that you had to deal with an upset customer, how were you able to help him out?” The questions that might be asked during your interview are usually open-ended and you should thoughtfully get some specific examples with critical thinking. If you are one of the candidates for customer service position, it is fairly important that your interviewer knows how you think.

2. Pay attention to body language.

In addition to your ability of answering questions, your interview will also look at your demeanor and mannerisms. This is equally important since your body language may tell a different story than what you are talking about. Based on a report from, approximately 90 percent of the message you send at an interview are non-verbal communications. Hence, posture is important. You need to walk tall and sit up straight so that you can create the perception of confidence when you are speaking. You should also know that mirroring is one the acts that subtly imitating the person you are talking to. If you can do this naturally, it conveys a high level of understanding and intuitiveness, which makes your potential employers feel as though you are listening to him intently. Some other improper body languages you should avoid includes fidgeting with your hands, picking nails, looking at watch , tapping your leg or shuffling your feet, which are all showing uncomfortableness and nervousness. Moreover, don’t forget to make consistent eye contact with the interviewer. Darting eyes or looking down are regarded as a behavior of low self-confidence and you should maintain the eye contact in waves of 10 to 15 second intervals.

3. Approachability and likability.

Smiling is a good way to establish yourself to be approachable. When you are discussing with the interviewer, demonstrate your desire to hear before you respond. If you don’t quite understand a question, you may ask again to make sure that you understand completely. If someone at the interview gives you a tip or tells a story, you should let her know that you appreciate it very much and show your willingness to learn.

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