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Job Interview Tips for Corrections Officers

Job Interview Tips for Corrections Officers

If you are applying for a corrections officer job, you might need a skill set different from other careers to land the job. During the interview, it is imperative to show your potential employer that you possess these skills. Here are some specific job interview tips that might be helpful to increase your chance of getting a job as a corrections officer.

1. Show your conflict resolving skill.

Although the ability to resolve conflict is required in almost every career, it becomes absolutely essential as a corrections officer since conflict seems to happen every day in a correctional institution. Demonstrate to the interviewer that you are able to solve even the most difficult conflicts and give some examples of the conflicts resolved in the past. It is OK if you have little experience in solving conflicts, but you can draw upon knowledge that you obtained in psychology, communications and law enforcement classes to show how you will react when you are in a difficult situation.

2. Maintain strictly professional at all times.

It is known that a corrections officer generally work with the same inmates every day and it’s easy to build a familiarity with the inmates and share your personal details with them inadvertently. However, you should be aware that in order to secure the safety of the correctional institution, it is fundamental that corrections officer maintain strictly professional during working hours. Once your interviewer notices that you are not able to separate your personal life from the conversation during the interview, he may ask you questions that if you can keep the family or personal stuff at home during your working hours at the correctional facility. Hence, please keep in mind that you should only discuss about work-related topics strictly.

3. Discuss about career longevity.

It is reported that employees working in law enforcement or corrections basically work in the agency for only one year. The cost for training a corrections or a law enforcement officer is $30,000 on average. Thus, to recoup the investment in staff training, corrections facilities generally look for officers who believe that can work for the institution for longer time. Therefore, during your interview, don’t forget to mention your long term plans for working in the institution and illustrate your career longevity to your interviewer.

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