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Job Interview Tips for Christian Educators

Job Interview Tips for Christian Educators

It is especially fulfilling to teach in a Christian school system for those who want to integrate their Christian faith into the areas they teach. A Christian educator should discuss issues of morality and faith with students and encourage them to relate biblical principles with issues in society, education and personal life. Due to the religious aspect of Christian education, a teacher who is applying for the job needs to think about topics beyond the knowledge of his own field before the interview.

1. The school philosophy of Christian education.

Before going to the interview, you need to understand the school philosophy of a Christian school so you will be able to communicate your ability and explain how it can support or promote the philosophy. Christian education does not only teach kids in reading and writing, math and science, but also educate them to learn and process different subjects in a view of biblical world. As a Christian educator, you need to express your ability to teach a subject with a Christian perspective and discuss the methods that will be used to relate the subject with biblical values and ideas as well as how to shed the light of Christianity on various courses in his field.

2. Some frequently asked questions.

Before go to the interview, one should brainstorm to answer the potential questions. Some most often asked questions for a Christian educator are:

“When and how did you become a Christian?”

“Does the faith in Christ have an impact on your daily life?”

“How do you plan to discuss issues of faith with your students?”

“Does your faith have any impact on the subject you teach?”

“Can you explain your teaching philosophy?”

“How do you envision to contribute yourself in a faculty team?”

“How important do you believe it is for children to receive Christian education?”

Preparing for these questions can help you respond more thoughtfully during your interview.

3. Personal impression.

Christian schools would like to hire teachers who have a head understanding of faith as well as act upon a heart understanding. As a Christian educator, you should demonstrate sound ethical and moral values biblically for students and your fellow faculty members. During the interview, you will also need to demonstrate your integrity, honesty and other-centered attitude. You should represent yourself fairly and also demonstrate your teaching ability and humility towards growth and further development. Such characteristics are important components for a Christ-like attitude, which is appropriate for a Christian teacher.

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