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Job Interview Tips for Bank Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Bank Jobs

No matter which type of job you are looking for, the coming interview is going to be stressful. If you are going to an interview for a bank job for your first time, you may wonder what you should know and how to prepare before you arrive at the scheduled location. It is important to prepare a good resume, but some other works are equally important for you to do, for example, do some research on the banking industry as a whole and the financial institution so that you will be knowledgeable and confident during the interview.

1. Shine your personality.

Your previous banking experience does help a lot land you the job, while what most banking executives want to know is whether you have a positive attitude or not. Banking business is always changing and now it is trending towards becoming a customer sales and service industry. Your potential employers understand that knowledge of products can be taught, however the positive attitude and personality is difficult to form. During the interview, you should show to the interviewer that you are a team player who is willing to get the job done right and go above the employer’s expectations. Also, you need to maintain an interested and engaged appearance so the interviewer will understand that you are listening intently. To better describe your personality, you could give an example or two to support your statement.

2. Do some research on the bank.

Prior to the interview, you should do some quick research on the statistics of the bank including its asset size, total non-interest income, total number of deposits and liabilities, return on assets and equity. You should be able to find these information from a database at Additionally, visit the website of the bank to learn more about its history, manager information as well as current interest rates and promotions. Keeping these information in mind will help you increase your confidence at the interview and lets the interviewer learn that you actually did some homework.

3. Ask your own questions and follow-up.

After you complete the majority of the interview, you may be asked to raise your own questions to your interviewer. Prepare some general or specific questions before you attend the interview. The questions can be something like what are the sales incentives if you are interviewing for a position in customer service department. You can ask about the bank’s growth and the project plan for the future. When you finish the interview, follow up several days later with an email, a phone call or a handwritten note. Express your appreciation to your interviewer for the time and restate your interest in that job position. Inquire whether you should send additional information like work samples or other references to help the process. Before another follow-up, allow one week or more. Call your interviewer and say that you just want to check in about the position while if the answer is that the decision is not made yet, ask if it is OK to call back one or two weeks later.

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