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Job Interview Tips for an MBA

Job Interview Tips for an MBA

After you have obtained the degree of bachelor in business or some other related fields, you may be determined to have a further study for the degree of MBA (master of business administration). As an MBA, you should not only learn more skills on management and business skills, but also have the chance to get a higher salary in your future career. Before you apply for an MBA placement, you are required by business schools to present your grade point average as well as the scores in the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Here are a few tips helping you prepare for the coming interview if you are already the qualified applicant.

1. Your background is necessary.

Once you are given the chance for the interview, the school staff would have interview with you personally to see whether you are a prospective applicant. Such meeting would enable the school interviewer to judge not only your academic achievements, but also your interpersonal skills. It is well-known that business school would give the interview to those who they think have better marketability so as to enroll the prospective students in the competition with other schools. This kind of selection process sometimes is quite harsh as some schools would only give 35 percent of all applicants the opportunity for the interview.

2. Your preparation is important.

When you are offered the chance for an MBA interview, you should take time for necessary preparation. You should be aware that your interview would be prepared in the right direction. Generally speaking, the business schools would conduct two kinds of interviews. They are the remote interview and school visit. The remote interview would be conducted by one of the members of the admissions committee. This kind of interview is cost-effective for the applicant, because you need not go to the school. As for school visit, it is the very good chance for you to interact with the school staff and see more about the school. Before the school visit, you had better find out who your interviewer is and some background information about such person. At the same time, you should try to collect more information about the school as much as possible. If necessary, you could go to the school before your interview and get some personal experience and feeling about the school, which would be much helpful in understanding about the school and giving you more chances for the successful interview.

3. Your dress for interview should be proper and right.

It is strongly suggested that when you go to the interview, you should wear kind of conservative, well-fitted and formal suit. You should avoid putting on too much make-up and perfume, or jewelry. Sometimes, your interviewer would ask something in your resume, so you should be familiar with anything in it, such as your grades or essays. Apart from your proper address, you need to be well-prepared for the questions, which are possibly raised by the interviewer, including your personal hobby, family background, professional experience, academic achievements, career targets, college education as well as the reason why you are applying for this business school.

4. Your answers to interview questions should be short and concise.

During the interview, when you answer questions, you should keep your answers short and concise. It is kindly recommended that you should use four to six sentences for answering one question. Try to avoid using only a “yes” or “no.” in question answers. When talking about your academic achievements, you should mention of those who have helped in such tasks. In addition, you should always remain calm and take easy during the interview. It would help you demonstrate your confidence and determination in fulfilling your dream as an MBA.

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