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Job Interview Tips for Agricultural Instructors

Tips for Agricultural Instructor Job Interview

If you would like to apply the job of agriculture instructor, you need to love both teaching and the land. If you could present your detailed illustrating your work experience in such field, you would much impress the educational institution you are applying for, and then the job interview will make his best choice among the candidates. As the agricultural instructor is kind of teaching position, your own charisma and speaking skills are necessary for this job, both of which you could manage well after enough practice. Here are a few tips you could follow in preparation of your coming interview.

1. Try to know more about the institution.

Before you go to your interview, you should learn more about the institution, such as the school mascot, the number of teachers in the department you would like to work, and background knowledge of your interviewer. You could collect such information either by looking at the school’s official website or visit the school personally. Lack of information about the institution would affect your first impression on your interviewer. Try to memorize and use the information as much as you could in order to show that you have a better understanding of the institution, something like glorious history, famous alumni, present development and other positive aspects, which would be much helpful to you in giving the interviewer your outstanding image.

2. Be aware of the job description.

It is equally important to know about what kind of job you are applying for as learning more about the institution. It is strongly suggested that you should look at the job description carefully and completely to see how your own educational background and work experience could meet the institution’s requirements. For example, on the website of, when they want to hire an agriculture instructor, it emphasize that such applicant should be capable of organizing and implementing activities in relation to the field. Therefore, if you want to apply for the job, you should point out that you used to work as experienced community organizer and had successfully designed and organized some events for the certain group. You should take the job description as the tool for your job interview and try your best to show you are the right person for such position.

3. Keep a proper body language.

During the interview, your posture, eye contact and the way you make your handshake would indicate how well you manage your body language, which really matters whether you could get the job or. For preparation of your coming interview, you should do some practice in front of the mirror to pay attention to your right rate of speech, the proper gestures of your hands and face. When you are allowed to speak, you should keep affluent and do not be afraid of making pauses when taking questions. In the interview, you may use humor lightly and try to “mirror” the gestures of the interviewer, which could be made naturally to show that you are thoughtful and responsive in the way of listening and nodding. It would give you more positive scores to the interviewer.

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