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Job Interview Tips for a Tanning Salon

Job Interview Tips for a Tanning Salon

Now you get the chance to have an interview at a tanning salon, so you will have large chance of landing the job if you perform well at the job interview. During the interview for a tanning salon job, you should show your expertise in this field and present your previous customer service experiences. Before you go to the interview, do some research on the tanning salon and practice answering questions so that you will feel more ready and confident.

1. Get yourself prepared.

Prepare your answers for some commonly asked questions before you head to the tanning salon interview. Some common questions will be focused on your previous jobs, experiences and skills related with a tanning salon positions, as well as your interest in working at the particular salon. Printed copies of your resume are needed because the owner of the tanning salon is likely to ask for it at the beginning of your interview.

2. Demonstrate your customer service skills.

When you answer questions, try to highlight your service skills, which are very important for a tanning salon because the business is all about providing memorable and professional customer service. Give some examples such as greeting clients when they walk through the door, asking your customer how you can assist them during the appointment, answering questions related with sunscreen, tanning bed settings and tanning protection as well as rebooking clients for the future appointments. People who have good understanding of the importance of memorable service are preferred by tanning salon owners, so demonstrate your customer service skills.

3. Present your retail experiences.

If you have any retail experiences, no matter selling products in fast food industry or general retail in clothing, present them to your interviewer. Your potential employer wants to know if you have experience in dealing with money, calculating total fee for products and services as well as restocking products on shelves. Don’t overlook your previous experience in retail area, even though it was not in beauty or tanning industry.

4. Explain scenarios form previous working experience.

Your potential employer might ask you about a specific questions about the scenarios from your past working experience. By asking this, your interviewer wants to learn how you can deal with unsatisfied customers since your attitude is also a reflection of the tanning salon. You will need to explain how you went out of your way for the client and provided them with the best experience at the salon. You answers should be suitable for a tanning salon environment, for example, you can say something pertaining to offering guidance with choices for different sunscreen products or helping customers schedule upcoming tanning sessions.

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