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Job Interview Tips for a Bank Customer Service Representative

Job Interview Tips for a Bank Customer Service Representative

As financial service institutions, banks are places where employees directly work with customers. If you are interviewing with a customer service representative job for a bank, you will need to take some of the following tips to boost your chance of landing the bank job.

1. Dress properly.

Many banks have their dress codes and according to different types of customer service representatives, the requirements vary. For example, for representatives who handle issues on the phone, a more relaxed dress code is applied and generally it is OK to dress business casual. While, if you are a representative that deals with customers face-to-face, you should dress more elegantly.  Women must wear skirts with appropriate length and pantyhose with close-toed shoes while men are required to wear a tie. Do not allow any piercing other than your earrings and your tattoos to be visible.

2. Prepare answering questions.

As a successful bank customer service representative, experiences with resolving conflicts are needed. During your interview, you will be asked to give examples about how you helped solve a problem. If you have been working in a retail clothing shop, you could explain that you frequently helped customers find the size and style they wanted by calling other stores in your area.

3. Perform a role play.

Another thing about a job interview for a bank customer service position is sometimes you may be asked to perform a role-play during the interview. It is critical that you take this seriously and present your ability to deal with problems on your own. Banks are willing to hire someone who is capable of solving problems without escalating the conflicts to management level. A good customer service representative is responsible for helping customers find a way to make them happy when customers get upset. Of course, as a representative, there will be times you have to call your manager in, but the more you solve it by yourself, the more valuable you will be.

4. Engage yourself in conversations.

One important skill for a bank customer service representative is good communication skill, hence when you go for your interview, you should pay more attention to the details of the interviewer and the meeting place so that you can initiate some small talks. If the interview is in a personal office, look for meaningful things to your interviewer such as pictures of family, souvenirs from a trip, memorabilia, etc. You can use these things to initiate conversations while your interviewer are opening your file. By doing so, you can show your ability to build a rapport with customers and this might increase your opportunity of being hired.

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