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Job Interview Tips at McDonalds

Job Interview Tips at McDonalds

When you are interviewing with a job at McDonald’s, the best way to land your job is to show that you are energetic and informed during the interview. No matter which job position you are applying for—cashier, food preparation or upper management position, your potential interviewers are looking for those who are willing to get the work done well and move up the ranks. In addition to dressing properly and bringing your resume and completed application, we have other tips for you when you are interviewing with a position at McDonald’s.

1. Show your communication skills.

Good communication skill is a must for working at McDonald’s. At the beginning, you might start to work at the front register or the drive-through so a good communication skill is required to work with customers as well as your fellow co-workers. Listen very carefully to the interviewer and take a minute to think about how to answer each question. By doing so, you can give a good answer and make yourself sound confident. Your clear answer will give your interviewer a good idea about how you will interact with customers and your co-workers. During the interview, make consistent eye contact and maintain your voice steady and clear when talking with the interviewer or answer the questions. Never use offensive language or give rude responses and avoid talking badly on your previous employers.

2. Be a team player.

Teamwork is also important for jobs at the McDonald’s. Thus, you can talk about your previous experiences where you had to work with other team member to achieve a mutual goal. As a team-oriented company, each individual employee at the McDonald’s relied on others to complete the job as a whole. If you do not have past working experience in a team, you can show other situations where teamwork may be involved such as your experience in a sport team, a group project when you are school or even one of your hobbies that requires teamwork.

3. Present your leadership skills.

When you are interviewing with a job position at the McDonalds, it is also important to tell the interviewer that you would like to become a leader. Prepare and ask questions about the development and advancement within the company and ask about store manager positions, and give examples of your previous experience as a team leader. No matter you regard the job opportunity as an easy way to make some quick cash or you really want to continue your career at McDonald’s, your interviewer is willing to hire someone who has the potential to become a team leader. You can demonstrate your interest in the position and the company by showing an active interest in the career development and how employees are assessed and how performances are tracked.

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