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Japanese Beauty Tips

Japanese Beauty Tips

Japan is the country where a great deal of importance has been placed on beauty, and Japanese women usually combine  beauty tips with their daily life so as to look youthful, pretty and fresh. Some beauty techniques have been passed from generation to generation there and at the same time others have turned up thanks to some new technology. Here are a few beauty tips you should learn from Japanese women, which mioght help you maintain the soft, bright skin, smooth feet and sleek hair you expect.

Supple Skin

Japanese women often apply diet as well as topical skin treatments to go for the smooth, supple skin. It is said that one of the most common Japanese skin care methods is called the Okinawan diet, which has a high content of antioxidants and vitamins. The diet is targeted at consuming vegetables, seafood and fish, tofu, soymilk, tempeh and yogurt together with drinking Green and oolong teas. Japanese women also lioke to take collagen-infused foods, and drink a combination of collagen and water to pursue clear, smooth skin. As far as topical treatments are concerned, ultraviolet light-treated nightingale droppings have been used for many decades to clean and lighten the skin, because nightingale droppings contain protein, a degrading enzyme for fat, and a whitening enzyme, which act on scurf and fat to help get rid of all traces of dirt and gently exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing skin get soft, smooth and whiter. Nightingale treatments generally take a powdered form that is then mixed with water or as a facial soap to be applied like a mask or cleanser.

Soft Feet

Japanese women are much concerned about their skin, including the skin on their feet. In order to get rid of the dead skin cells that could lead to rough patches on the feet, they often take an unusual treatment, by doing so, they would they dip their feet into a small pond or tubs filled with “doctor fish.” The fish are toothless, and they use their mouths to suck the dry skin cells off of the feet, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It is strongly recommended that the fish should be applied in particular to people who suffer from skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

Straight Hair

Japanese women are known for their soft, straight hair, which they achieve by application of a Japanese hair-straightening technique called “thermal reconditioning. ”  This technique  was designed to produce a non-coating, straightening system that uses the heat oxidation process to seal in and rebuild hair from the inside out through a combination of patented chemicals and irons that reach 356 degrees to achieve sleek and silky straightness. A protein conditioner is also used on the hair, followed by a retexturizer, a solution of thioglycolate. A roller-ball dryer then adds heat and softens the hair. A hot ceramic straightening iron completes the process by thermally restructuring the hair with heat as it glides over 1/8 inch sections at a time. Such process is quite effective in restructuring the hair’s protein bonds; the results can last for many months.