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Interview Tips for a Bank Customer Service Representative

Interview Tips for a Bank Customer Service Representative

As financial service institutions, banks usually employ people who are capable of offering direct service to the customers. If you are intended to take part in the interview for the job of a bank customer service representative, you should learn the following tips so as to get more opportunities to being employed.

1. To dress yourself properly for the interview.

A dress code is applied to many banks. Generally speaking, customer service representatives can be divided into two different catalogues. The one is the representative offering face-to-face service to customers; the other is mainly responsible for communicating with customers over the phone. For the representatives involved in phone service, you could dress casually while as far as the live representatives are concerned, you should dress more elegantly, for example, women should put on pantyhose with close-toed shoes and your skirts should be an appropriate length. As for men, they should wear a tie. In both cases, you should avoid the visibility of any piercings (other than earrings) or tattoos.

2. To prepare many questions in advance.

Working as a customer service representative, you should be much experienced in conflict resolution. So when asked about your experience in this regard, you should give some examples to illustrate your ability to help someone solve a problem. For instance, you might have worked in a retail clothing store before and you were often intended to offer assistance to customers in figuring out a style in their size by calling other shops in your region. That is your experience in giving solution, which might impress your interviewer to some extent.

3. To practice role play before interview.

You should learn to be good at role-playing when you apply for a customer service position, because you might be asked to role-play in the interview. In this case, you should take it seriously and show your capability to deal with problems by yourself. Banks would like to hire people who are able to resolve issues rather than escalate the conflict to management. When customers are feeling upset, you should not be annoyed; instead you should do your utmost to find the way out so as to make your costumer happy. Occasionally, it is necessary to call the help from a manager, however the more you could solve the problems independently, and the more merits you would demonstrate in your work.

4. To learn to start with conversation properly.

When you enter into the interview room, you should try to focus on its details as well as your interviewer. If you are at their personal office, you should pay much attention to those things meaningful to them, such as the pictures of their family, memorabilia or souvenirs from trips. When they are opening your file to begin with the interview, you should take the initiative by asking them about such items for starting the conversation. By doing so, it is clearly demonstrated that you are do capable of quickly establishing a rapport with a customer. It would be much helpful in getting more chances of being hired if you could start a conversation with a stranger.

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