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Important Tips About Running Shoes

Important Tips About Running Shoes

Whether you are an avid runner or just do some jogging twice  a week, it is vital to get a good running shoe. As you could find many different types and styles of running shoes at athletic stores, to purchase running shoes would become a daunting task. Anyway, the wrong shoe could not only cause poor performance but also result in injury, therefore it is essential to get the shoe that suits you best.

1. To get the right fit

It is suggested that you should buy your running shoes at the end of the day, because at this time, your foot is a bit swollen. It is known that feet tend to swell during a run, so the end of day would be the best time to get the right fit. Another suggestion is that you had better get your foot measured for the most accurate fit. You can do it at most shoe stores where the proper tools would be ready for doing this.

2. To know better about arch

If you want to get the best fit, you should have a better understanding of your arch. Three general types of arches are listed by the American Podiatric Medical Association for people’s reference. As for the normal arches, you had better select a shoe for stability and cushion.With a flat arch, you should go for a shoe with cushion and motion control, because your feet need support. If you have high arches, you should get a flexible shoe with extra cushioning, for your feet tend to have poor shock absorption.

3. To know running style better

When you want to buy the new running shoes, you had better bring your current one with you to determine your running style, because where the soles are worn down the most would help you decide what kind of running shoe you need, for instance, if your tread is worn down at the toe, then you are kindly advised to buy a shoe with additional support at the top.

4. To try on your shoes

When you want to try on running shoes, you should wear what you generally wear during a run. By doing so, you would not not be distracted by how the shoe looks with your attire and you would focus your attention to the shoe. When choosing your shoes, you should also remember to bring your running socks, because the thin ones available in most shoes stores would not let you get an accurate feel for the shoe. If you wear insoles or prosthetics, bring those, too. If you want to find the right fit, you should spend plenty of time to try on as many shoes as necessary. At some specialty shoes stores, a treadmill will be provided for customers to test run potential shoes. If this option is not available, get comfortable with the idea of sprinting from one end of the store to the other.