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How to Write an SAT Essay

How to Write an SAT Essay

How to write an SAT essay is commonly asked question, because in most cases, it is the newest section, which is thought to be the most subjective. However, it is actually not subjective. It is usual that the graders would spend nearly forty-five seconds on each essay, trying to find out keywords, a coherent idea and then go on further reading. Here are a few tips you could follow in writing a satisfactory SAT essay.


The highly graded SAT essay format would include four parts– Intro, Example 1, Example 2, and Conclusion. As for the Intro, it is some introduction of a unique concept, and Example 1 is mainly liked with literature or history, while Example 2, based on Example 1, would offer a personal presentation of current events, into current times or pop culture. The Conclusion, instead of repeating the Intro or just giving a summarization, would concentrate on an independent thought or something people could think about. If you want to present an ideal essay, you had better begin with it by answering the question from proven sources and complete your essay with a creative rhetorical question presented to your graders, who would be happy with your mastery of the subject and definitely give you a 6.


Although essays are graded on a holistic standard, the graders should not consider your crappy grammar. But in reality, it is not always like that. The graders would have a final decision, because they are human. If they are reading your essays after having examined fifty essays already, and find yours quite difficult to understand owing to your chicken scratch handwriting and ridiculous grammar, they would grade yours with lower mark than normal. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you should pay much attention to your grammar rules as well as your handwriting when you are taking your SAT test.


If you want to impress the judges in the less than a minute, you should make them think that you have got your materials from some new sources. For example, when talking of the topic about “Was the Iraq war fair?”, many people would quote from George Orwell, who depicted Bush as Big Brother while Saddam Hussein as being Goldstein. To avoid this common practice, you should look for Read some new sources for Example 1. When moving to Example 2, you should offer something juicy based on your own judgment. By doing so, you should regard the graders are human as well, trying to make them think your essay are worthwhile reading, which is reward to their reading. The more unique your essay is, the higher grades you would deserve.

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