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How to Wrap Your Stomach with Plastic Wrap

How to Wrap Your Stomach with Plastic Wrap
If you intend to slim your waistline, you had better try to use plastic wrap on your stomach, which might be helpful in losing several inches off your belly. However such practice is not a long-term solution for body-shaping, because some doctors say that any positive results will disappear within a day or two. In the procedure, you would apply plastic wrap tightly around your stomach and then do some exercises for around one hour or you could lie down on a heating pad covered in a blanket in order to increase your body temperature. The rise in body temperature would enable you to sweat. After removing the plastic, you would feel kind of tightness around your waist and thus you could lose a few inches off your stomach.

Debunking the Myth

The reason why you could lose inches or even pounds on the scale is dehydration. As soon as you have replenished the water you lost during the procedure, such results would disappear. Actually, it is dangerous to get the severe dehydration caused by this type of treatment is. As a result, you could experience headache and dizziness or loss of consciousness. Under the serious conditions, for example, wearing the plastic for longer time than being guided or doing exercise too vigorously, you might come across more severe consequences.

So it is strongly suggested that you should avoid using this method at home, because it would be more dangerous due to extreme dizziness or loss of consciousness that would make you trip or fall and sustain serious injury. In addition, the liver and kidneys filter almost toxins in our body, it is not remarkably evident that any detoxification would take place during this process, so do not expect any benefit from extreme water loss.

Most Effective Alternatives

After you learn something about using plastic around your stomach for weight loss, you would be quite clear that the best method to keep your waistline slim is involved in a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you want to get rid of your belly bloat, you should pursue a high fiber diet. Additionally, you should give up carbonated beverages, because they could cause gas and decrease your intake of sodium. It is more important to get moving. Set up your cardio activity to burn calories, which would be much helpful in lowering fat at the waist. The exercise such as crunches would strengthen your core and tighten your stomach muscles. You should go for the movements that twist your torso, since they would further diminish your middle.