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How to Word a Garage Sale Advertisement


It is a wise way to advertise a garage sale correctly when you want to hold one, because such sale would help you get rid of things which are no longer useful at your household. It would be disappointing when not so many people come to your sale after you have done a lot of preparatory work in advance. Therefore the correct wording in the advertisement would be much helpful in attracting more people to your sale and making more cash for you. Here are a few tips you could follow in this regard.

  • Before you write down your advertisement, you had better look at classified ads in your local paper to get some ideas about the wording, format and length. Then try to do a similar ad on a sheet of paper, particularly if you are calling in the ad.
  • After having your ad ready, make a phone call to the local newspaper or shopper’s guide to know about the expected cost of the ad. Some papers have set out some rule that there is a minimum price for a certain amount of words , if over that amount, you would be charged extra. At the same time, you should be clear about what the deadline is to submit the ad. Generally speaking, if you intend to have your ad in the Friday and Saturday editions of the newspaper, the deadline should fall on Thursday.
  • You should write the advertisement in the way that the reader can scan it quickly. So you should avoid the long-winded advertisements, because they would turn some buyers off and make you pay more  for such ad. In your ad, the location should be clearly outstanding, for many people would just like to drive a few miles to reach their destinations where the garage sales are held.
  • In your ad, after the location, you should have a clear description of the most valuable or sought-after item, for example, items such as antiques, a piano, baby bed, furniture and children toys, because  if you could list them at the beginning of your ad, they would attract more people to your sale.
  • In the final part of your ad, you had better write the date and length of time the sale will run. This will offer potential buyers some useful information about when the sale begins and ends. It would help prevent people from driving a long way, but find out that you are clearing the remains of the sale and are prepared to call your sale a stop.