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How to Tip a Golf Pro

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When you want to play golf, it is necessary to tip the people involved in it, such as caddie the valet and the starter as well as the clubhouse manager. But how to tip your golf pro is another big concern you have to face, because he is a “professional,” if you just tip him with a few extra dollars when he offers his help, it would cause some unpredicted problems. However, the following advices would be helpful if you want to show your appreciation by tipping him in some other ways.

1. If possible, you could buy him a gift certificate to the club pro shop or a restaurant. Although he could get some discounts at the pro shop, he would be pleased to enjoy him meal without payment.

2. Invite your pro to have meals with you. While dining with him, it is good chance to discus golf with him so as to get the better result from your tipping. As a result, it is possible that you could make friends with him, at the same time, you could learn more from him so as to improve your golf skills.

3. Try to get your pro tickets to a sport game, concert or some other events, but you should ensure the tickets you offer should be on top shelf.

4. Whenever possible, take the chance to introduce more potential clients to your golf pro, because most pros do appreciate their expanding business continuously.

5. When the holidays come, you had better give your golf pro some cash, maybe $100 to $200 to show your thanks for the great help he offers to you in golf learning.

 6. As most golf courses have no set rules for tipping, you should find out what is acceptable in your course so as to avoid put  yourself or the golf pro in an awkward situation.

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