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How to Succeed a Videoconference Job Interview

How to Succeed a Videoconference Job Interview

Sometimes an applicant can’t arrive on-site for the interview, and to process the interview, videoconference technology is utilized for those long-distance candidates. The meetings can be set through an Internet-based connection or an actual video camera. You might be unfamiliar with this form of job interview, so we prepare some tips for you to ace a videoconference job interview.

 1. Get ready prior to the interview.

Prior to the videoconference interview, you should test your equipment if a computer-based Internet conference is going to be conducted. You should also take advantage of the days before the videoconference interview to practice by videotaping yourself in a mock interview situation. By recording and watching your performance, you will be able to figure out and correct your awkward gesture or movements, poor body language or facial expressions. Also, on the day of the interview, you should arrive at least 20 minutes earlier than the appointment time to do some pre-arrange work in the conference room you are interviewing with.

2. During the videoconference job interview.

Log on your videoconference earlier if possible, so you will be able to wait and get alert when your potential employers are ready to join the conference. When you speak, speak slowly and loudly and end your sentences clearly. Due to the technology limits, there might exist slight delay in signal that may cause confusion when you tend to trail off at end of the sentences. You should also dress professionally. Men should wear business outfits including jacket, shirt and tie and women should wear a suit combination. Even though you will be sitting during the entire meeting, you still have to dress the part from your head to your toe. Another thing to keep in mind is the selection of the environment or the background. You should be aware that your potential employers can see the whole picture rather than just your face, hence a videoconference should be conducted from an office with professional décor but not some places like your child’s playroom.

3. Make the impression.

You need to make sure not to make any comments on the interview until you completely switch off the videoconference connection. Sometimes poor post-interview conduct results in a less successful interview and might damage your chance to land the job smoothly. Also, send a hand-written thank-you note to each interviewer after the interview so that you can make a lasting impression and outline your interest in the company as well.

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