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How to Save Money on Utility Bills—11 Tips

How to Save Money on Utility Bills—11 Tips

A light bulb and utility bill.

When I was young, my parents would always keep yelling on me, saying “Turn the lights off!” Now I have grown up and have to pay my own utility bills, I totally understand why they cared so much about the lights. The old-fashioned advice that parents lived by fit with the modern trend of living green very nicely and we should really embrace them to save some bucks on utility bills.

1. Change the light bulbs to energy star ones.

Replace your old light bulbs to those that labeled with “Energy Star”, which utilizes 75 percent less of energy that the standard light bulbs consume. In addition, such new bulbs can stand 10 times longer than the old ones.

2. Turn off the electronics when you aren’t using them.

Sometimes you are not really watching the TV, but you keep it on for hours. You can actually save some money on utility bills by just simply switch off TV, computer and monitor when not in use. Such electronics consume a lot energy and the added up cost can be potentially high than you thought.

3. Control the temperature with a thermostat.

A programmable thermostat is highly suggested for you to take better control of the room temperature and help you out of the trouble of forgetting to reduce the heating or cooling when you are about to sleep. Several months later, you may have to pay for the thermostat, but month by month, you’ll see the savings.

4. Selectively close off the vents.

You should close off the vents in the room that you are not staying or seldom stay, since just cooling and heating in these room can cost you a fortune.

5. Make yourself a little bit less than comfortable.

This is an interesting tip for saving money on utility bills—you are recommended to adjust a little higher temperature in summer time and a lower one in winter time, making you just a little less than the most comfortable condition. Don’t ignore the few degrees—it make a difference on your utility bills. To compensate the “reduced” comfort level, you can wear a sweater and socks and drink a cup of hot tea in winter, while have an iced one in summer.

6. Change your cooking habit according to seasons.

Save your baking jobs and do them in winter season. And have some salads, sandwiches or microwave dishes during summer months.

7. Set up radiant barrier to reduce heating and cooling cost.

The radiant barriers are reflective materials that are generally designed for using in an attic over insulation or under roof. It is an economical way to reduce your cost on cooling and heating. Such barriers can be installed on unused windows to save more money on utility expenses.

8. Replace freezer and refrigerator with energy saving models.

Check out how much energy is consumed by your freezer and refrigerator on and consider to replace them with models that consume less energy to save money. As a reference for you, Energy Star standards and practices have performed significant change since the year of 2001 with at least 40 % savings.

9. Figure out if you have poorly sealed areas and properly repair them.

Poorly sealed areas occurred around windows, appliances and doors can cost you extra money. You should check and figure out if this kind of areas exist in your house and take proper action to repair them just by DIY is a simple and inexpensive approach.

10. Take showers instead of baths.

These two ways cost you different when you compare the utility bills. You are suggested to just take short showers but not baths. Also, you can replace the shower nozzle in order to get extra energy savings.

11. Clean or change air filters on a regular basis.

The clogged air filter works improperly, and also cost your money. You need to clean or change the air filter every month to keep your environment cleaner and energy cost at a lower level.

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