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How to Save Money on Using Electric Heat—5 Tips

How to Save Money on Using Electric Heat—6 Tips

Using less electric heat has benefits in two ways—it helps save your money and do make less impact on the environment. During winter time, about 30 percent of your monthly energy bills comes with the using of electric heat. If you are able to change your heating habits, you may have the chance to save up to ten percent of the monthly energy bill. In addition, you do the right thing to the environment by decreasing the carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel demands.

1. Make some energy saving improvement for your house.

Check out if there are areas in your house that are not properly sealed. The areas that should be insulated including walls and ceilings. You should install double-glazed windows and plug air leaks around doors. Heavy curtains, for example, blackout curtains are good enough to put over the windows for extra insulation of heat. Try to maintain the weather stripping at the windows so that the inside heat can be kept in your home.

2. Clean air filters on a regular basis.

Follow some instructions from the manufacturers of the filters and clean or replace the air filter in your houses’ air ducts on a regular basis.

3. Set the thermostat properly.

During winter season, it’s recommended to set the thermostat to 68 degrees. To compensate the little temperature difference, you can wear warmer clothes or use blanket or fleece throws to feel more cozy in common areas.

4. Cut the heating in areas you barely use.

Just heat the areas in your house that you spend a lot of time in. Try not to use the central heating system, instead, close the ducts in rooms not in regular use. Areas such as guest rooms or storage rooms should be shut with electric heating. In addition, a timer on the thermostat can help you only heat the room when you are in.

5. Think about using a space heater.

This is for the rooms that you can’t control through your thermostat. It is reported by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources that you can save more money by using a space heater to compensate the low temperature. But please remember. If the space heater is not in use, please unplug it since it is same with other electronics in terms of consuming standby power even when it is on “Off” position. Additionally, the space heater is for small rooms and it may cost you more if you heat a large room with it compared with that from your own home heating system. To prevent a fire, keep everything away from the space heater at least for three feet and always switch it off before going asleep.

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