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How to Save Money on Shipping—6 Tips

How to Save Money on Shipping—6 Tips

Shipping costs have significant impact on business. No matter you are tacked on to orders received or is trying to pass the cost along to your customer as additional fees, the extra charges can add up very quickly and finally strike at the bottom line directly. You can get the services from various providers ranging from parcel post to first-class envelopes at different discounts and rates. Also, you should prepare the goods for transport carefully and by choosing certain options, you can help reduce the shipping cost and make positive impact on cash flow of your business.

1. Take advantage of minimal packaging.

You can request and employ the minimal packaging and spare no effort to use the packaging material at the smallest amount possible to ensure the documents and products arrive at the destination safely. Additionally, when you are purchasing from other vendors, ask them to do the same thing. By doing this, not only the shipping weight is reduces, which reduces costs, but also the waste is reduced.

2. Measure products exactly.

Before shipping, all products for transport should be measured exactly with a certified postal scale. Usually, the postal scales are available from business supply stores to transport/postal companies and you need to measure the packages and documents as closely as possible. The exactly measured weights can help calculate shipping costs more accurately, which reduces overpayment.

3. Think about flat-rate shipping.

If you are shipping heavy or large items, you can think about flat-rate shipping. Offered by a lot of parcel or postal delivery services, the flat-rate shipping, including envelopes and boxes, comes with great discounts compared with the weight-based delivery. Hence, next time, ask the vendors to see if such option is available for the big items.

4. Compare rates of different vendors.

Shop around is always one of the best ways to save money. Try to compare the rates from different companies. Nowadays, some delivery services have their post rate calculation online so that you can compare from shops to shops and get the best deal. Combining accurate measurement and comparative shopping, you will be able to cut the shipping costs greatly.

5. Employ a single shipping address.

You should ship and receive with a single central office. If you have multiple shipping address, you may have the additional fees associated with those address. For large business centers, offer the shippers a map which is clearly detailed on points of shipping and receiving to indicate the center as a single address.

6. Monitor service quality.

Monitor the service quality from different shipping providers and make sure the safe arrival of goods, which is far more important than cutting the shipping cost in most business situations.

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