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How to Save Money on Household Bills—6 Tips

How to Save Money on Household Bills—6 Tips

Every month, the household bills take away a large part of your paycheck easily. Such costs include food, utility and other items add up very quickly. If you aim to live a more frugal life, then the household bills are good places to begin with. By just reducing small portion of the money you spend on each of the household bill, you will see the saving grow day by day. Here are some tips to save money on household bills.

1. Reduce the electricity waste.

Reducing the electricity wasted in your home can save you a lot. What you need to do is simply turning off the lights and appliances that are not in use. Also, check your light bulbs and other appliances to see whether they are labeled with Energy Star. If not, you can consider make a small investment to replace them with highly efficient models to save money in the long run.

2. Save on water usage.

Save money by using less water is also easy. Turning off the water when you are brushing your teeth and reducing the shower time can have obvious effect on your monthly water bills. Additionally, fully load the dish washer or washing machine to save more water.

3. Do comparative shopping.

When you are shopping for groceries or personal care products, try to find out deal or discount information before you make the purchase. Do the comparative shopping at different stores and always have the coupons available in hand from the manufacturer or store you are looking at. Sometimes to get the best deal, you may have to visit different stores during a week but the best price eventually pay off your time and effort. If you have a storage room that is large enough, you can buy groceries in bulk from a wholesale club to save more money.

4. Try to reduce transportation cost.

If you are living around public transportation, you will be able to save the money for car maintenance and gasoline by using public transportation. Carpool is another choice to split your transportation cost with your roommates or coworkers.

5. Take good use of medical reimbursement accounts.

These accounts are available from a lot of employers and you could contribute money to the account before your income it is taxed. The money in the accounts can be used for prescriptions or any other approved medical costs. Please make sure that you contribute a certain amount of money to the medical reimbursement account that you plan to use during the year. The money not being used at the end of the year will be forfeited.

6. Repair your home timely.

If you find out leaky faucets, pipes or windows, you should conduct the repairing work on a timely fashion. If not complete in time, such leakage can increase the money you spend on utility and heating/cooling slowly.

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