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How to Save Money on Home Oil Bills—5 Tips

How to Save Money on Home Oil Bills—5 Tips

The price for oil is becoming one of the major issue for Americans. Filling up the gas tank is now one of the largest part of household budget and the household heating bills for those who are using furnace rises dramatically, too. But with some tips and strategies, you still get the chance to save money on home oil bills.

1. Shop around for the best prices.

Shop around and compare the prices from different oil companies and determine one that has low prices on a consistent basis. Some oil companies are willing to offer you a free burner service contract for home furnace that allows you to get a free furnace cleaning once each year and free maintenance for the furnace is it should break down. You could save hundreds of dollars with the free burner service contract.

2. Use a programmable thermostat and set the temperature properly.

By using the programmable thermostat, you will be able to lower the temperature in the house when you are out for work or school and set the right temperature before you go back home. This feature helps prevent you from paying to heat the house when nobody is in. In winter season, you can save money on oil by turn down with several degrees, for example, from 72 to 70 degrees F. A small change in temperature results in big saving on oil bills. Although your electricity bill can increase a little bit with the use of the digital thermostat, overall it takes less energy to keep the house at a temperature consistently than to heat the house up back to the normal level. Thus, you save more on the oil bills. Also, you don’t want to set the temperature too low, since you have to make sure the pipes don’t get frozen, hence the temperature should maintain at around 55 to 62 degrees F.

3. Use the fireplace.

Fireplace is not only used as decoration, at least not originally. You should use your fireplace more often instead of just using the oil furnace to heat the house. Additionally, the fire light in the fireplace gives you a romantic and cozy feeling as a bonus in addition to saving money on oil bills. But please keep in mind that before you use the fireplace, make sure you have properly cleaned and checked it out.

4. Insulate the house.

If your house is not perfectly sealed, you could waste energy at areas where heat can be lost. Please insulate your house by purchasing and installing new doors and windows to block out the cold air. Make sure the attic is insulated so that heat will not escape from the roof. You can also install the energy-saving window inserts and use caulking at the windows and weather stripping so that heat will not be easily lost. During winter time, you should minimize the repeated opening and closing of the doors and windows to the outside of the house because each time you open them, you lose heat to outside. If you really need to open the doors and windows very often, you should employ winter glass panels to replace the summer screens.

5. Block the vents in rooms that are not in use.

If you seldom use a room such as a storage room, or a basement, then it makes no sense to continue the heating for those room. You can block off the vents in these rooms and the less room to heat, of course the more you save on oil.

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