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How to Save Money on Clothes while Stay in Style—5 Tips

How to Save Money on Clothes while Stay in Style—5 Tips


Looking good gives you more confidence and fashion is full of fun. Of course, stay in fashion trends can also be very costly, if you keep buying new clothes and accessories in season. However, even though updating the wardrobe is sometimes a job requirement practically, you can still keep yourself in fashion and style without spending too much money. Here are five tips to spark some ideas.

1. Find a reliable source for fashion inspiration.

You can find some sources for fashion inspiration easily online. Websites such as iVillage or magazine websites can all provide you excellent fashion information. Signing up for their free catalogs from your favorite stores can help keep you stay in current fashion trends.

2. Go through your closet every season.

Go through your closet at least for once each season and figure out what clothes still fit and in style. When you decide some of them are not in season, place them in a separate place. Maybe when you get them out, you will feel like they are new again since you have not been staring at them every day.

3. Brainstorm new combinations according to the fashion inspiration.

Now you have some fashion inspirations in hand and what you are going to do next is to brainstorm new wardrobe combinations based on the inspirations. If something is no longer needed, for example, haven’t been work for the past year, find a local consignment store and sell them. Or you can sell them on eBay or Craigslist. The income of selling unused items can be used for purchasing new accessories and shoes. Simply by updating accessories will keep you in fresh look. You can also shop at thrift or off-price stores to stretch the consignment dollars.

4. Apply for part-time jobs in your favorite stores.

If you decide that you are passionate for clothing, a good choice to apply for a part-time job in your favorite stores. You only need to work a few hours per week, and can get substantially more discounts that are just for employees.

5. Think about a clothing swap.

If your friends are also in passion for clothing and fashion, you can invite them to your home and hold a trade for unwanted clothing and accessories and hence everyone can get something “new” with almost no cost.

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