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How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping—8 Tips

How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping—8 Tips

Holiday shopping, especially Christmas shopping, can be a difficult task when you are in a hard financial situation. Although there may have some discount activities during Christmas, goods in the holiday season may be still expensive. To save more money and purchase good quality items, it is very nice to figure out approaches to save—even though it does not seem to be a lot at the time. Herein, we prepare eight tips for people who are planning Christmas shopping to make their wallets easier.

1. Set your holiday budget.

The first thing is to set a budget and stick to it. Decide your total budget first and split into shares and determine how much is enough for each person you plan to buy presents for.

2. List the gifts for everyone.

You should also make a list including what gift is desired for which person. With this list in hand, you can go into a store and pick up the items one by one. You also don’t need to worry about making unnecessary extra purchase.

3. Research on large items.

If you are buying large items for someone, like a TV or a big appliance, you should do some research online. By doing the research, you can not only get to understand what feature and quality to look at, but also have the chance to find cheaper alternatives or different gift ideas.

4. Keep an eye on sales or clearances.

Store sales or clearances are good place to save money for holiday shopping. You should keep an eye on them since they may locate on the back of the store sometimes. Look around and you will find out these items are as good as those with regular price but a lot cheaper.

5. Be an early shopper.

If you already have your budget and gift plan, go shopping as early as possible. The longer you wait on an item, the more chance it may become expensive because retailers know some goods are must-haves and will rise the prices later as customers are more desperate to buy.

6. Online shopping is a great alternative.

Instead of shopping in stores, you can also buy gifts online. Several greatest websites include Amazon and eBay are all providing high quality products and customer service. As a bonus, you can find unique gifts than others won’t consider to buy. One thing to keep in mind is you should take the sipping cost into consideration because sometimes the shipping fees are not worth the discount of products.

7. Include the potential hidden costs for Christmas shopping.

When you estimate the total cost for Christmas shopping, you should also include those hidden cost such as the expenses on wrapping paper, name tags, bows and so on. To save more, use normal wrapping papers and your own bows or get those stuffs ready before the holiday season.

8. Keep the receipts.

Last but not the least, you should keep the receipts for the items you purchased. You don’t know when you will have the need to return or replace them.

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