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How to Save Money on Cable Costs—Top 5 Tips

How to Save Money on Cable Costs—Top 5 Tips

In United States, most families are wired for cable TV service and digital cable is becoming more and more popular. If you are the guy who spends most spare times on movies, sports, and TV series, then cable is a must-have stuff for you. However, cable TV service can be expensive and contribute a significant share in your monthly expenses. If you are not using cable service to its fullest, you still have chances of saving money on the cable expense.

1. Do a comparative research on cable service providers.

Study on the money you spend on your current cable service provider with those from the competitors and see if it’s possible to switch your service. Do not just look for cable providers, you can also include satellite TV providers into your research. When you compare the prices, try to compare the full price that contains the tax and fees. Keep in mind that when you decide to switch current provider to another, installation fees may be applicable. Also, if you live in condo or apartment, you may not be able to change your service provider.

2. Sign up for multiple services to save more.

Once you select a service provider, it’s better if you could explore different services to see potential savings. Sometimes when you sign up for cable TV, Internet or telephone services altogether, you will have the opportunity to save more money. Don’t forget to estimate the total cost of the multiple services from one provider and that of separate services from different providers so that you’ll get the best deal.

3. Keep an eye on special promotions.

Generally, cable service providers advertise on TV, the Internet or email. Special offers and promotions are good for you save the cable cost through multiple months. One thing to notice is, some of the promotions are only for new customers, regardless, if you have been a loyal customer, you may be eligible for other offers, so check with the sales representatives about the promotion details.

4. Track your viewing habits and make adjustment.

You may sign up for a 100-channel package but actually you only watch 50 of them regularly. Keep a track of your viewing habits and make proper adjustment to the service you subscribe—for example, switch to a smaller package—is a good way to save on cable costs.

5. Subscribe for unlimited video service.

Sometimes you may use the video rental service from your provider and the pay-per-view or video-on-demand services can be expensive. Please limit your use of such services, instead, find some unlimited video rental services or subscribe to a premium service that allow you to watch video freely. The unlimited service usually costs you less than using the individual rental service.

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