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How to Save Money for Teenagers

How to Save Money for Teenagers

Generally speaking, it is somehow difficult for teenagers to save money. On one hand, there are occasions on which they need to spend money, for example, they would take part in social activities, or buy something in regard to their individual wants, but on the other, they have no regular income or not many approaches to earn some money. However, there should be some ways they could find if they want to save money to meet their daily demands.

1. Avoid using vending machines at school.

At many schools, there are some vending machines, for which students could buy something for their lunch or other needs. Instead of spending money from their allowance on purchase of any items of vending machines, which usually charge higher pricey, teenagers could find the same or similar items on sale or bulk at the grocery store, which could save them money in the long run.

2. Download music from Internet.

As many teenagers are fond of listening to music, they would spend quite an amount of money on buying CDs. It is hard for them to give up their hobby on music. However, if they want to save money, they could download music from the Internet, where they could find various kind of music they like; sometimes they pay little or free of charge.

3. Go Dutch when dining out.

If teenagers would like to go out for meals with their friends, it is kindly suggested that they should go Dutch, which means they could share the entire bill when they pay for the meals. This way of going Dutch could apply to many occasions, not just limited to dining out or dating. By doing so, they could pay their share of the payment, but get the fun and taste the meals with their friends.

4. Try to cut down phone costs.

As cell phone become very popular in schools, nearly every teenager gets one of different brand. Although it is easy and convenient for communication, its cost is gradually higher than they expect if they are regular users for calling or texting. Therefore, instead of getting onto contract plans, they could save money by buying minutes. The practice of paying per minute could seem more expensive, but it would help teenagers know better about the money they spend on their cell phones so as to build up of good habit of saving money in this respect for a long run.

5. Go for recycling whenever possible.

Recycling would be much helpful in environment protection, it could also help teenagers save money, for they could collect used things and take them to the recycling centers where they could get some money from what they send, from soda cans to newspapers. So, the more teenagers could recycle, the more money they would get for their daily necessities, which is kind of obvious approach to save money.

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