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How to Save Money for a New Baby—3 Tips

How to Save Money for a New Baby—3 Tips

The news of a pregnancy brings the joy of giving a new life to the world. It is an exciting news but sometime comes with the anxiety for families who are in a tight budget and worry about the extra financial responsibility for the newborn baby. In fact, some of the costs for baby can’t be avoided, but there are do exist way for families in need to save some bucks with the new baby.

1. Choose the optional equipment wisely.

Don’t but every equipment you see on the catalogs for you baby—some of them are unnecessary. For example, instead of buying a changing table, you can change the diapers by simply laying a blanket above a bed and laying your baby on top. Another example is the car seat. If you have several cars and purchase multiple car seat for each of the car, you only multiple the cost. Actually you can just purchase a car seat with a detachable base so that you can prepare additional bases to use with different cars. Some other accessories may seem nice and cute, however some of them may present a danger to your child. A crib pillow is the equipment that you should avoid because it can cause suffocation in the crib.

2. Breastfeeding is recommended.

It will be the best way to feed the newborn baby if a mother is able to give breastfeeding. Breastfeeding also helps save money. If you shop around for the infant formula, you will soon find out the price is very high. If you are not sure how to breastfeed correctly, seek for help from local hospitals or support groups which often provide breastfeeding assistance service at no charge. For mom who has already returned to work, she can pump their breast milk with the help of a manual breast pump. Usually a manual breast pump costs less than 100 dollars. You will not need to worry about the space for pumping in your workplace since nowadays, many companies provide private rooms for nursing mothers to pump without using the restroom.

3. Shop for used stuffs.

Some equipment does not need to be brand new, and hence you can save money by purchasing secondhand baby supplies. You can buy clothes at lower cost at rummage sales or resale shops. The clothes should only be worn few times when the baby grows out. You can find blankets and toys in thrift stores and some of them are even in their original packages. When shopping for cribs, you should evaluate the safety prior to purchase. Safety is the top priority for baby, so for car seats you should only look for new ones.

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