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How to Save Money by Flying Standby—5 Tips

How to Save Money by Flying Standby—5 Tips

Flying standby is a good way to save some bucks when you are planning a budget travel, but in the first place, you have to understand how the process works. In not, you may end up with even more money spent than what you thought in the beginning. To help you save money by flying standby, we pick up five useful tips for you.

1. Do your research.

Saving money by flying standby starts with your research on the ticket prices. You should start the research with the bottom-line ticket prices of the flight that you aim to take. Don’t forget to include the destination information as well as the round-trip date range. Compare he prices with the standby ticket prices to get an idea about the price difference. When you compare the prices, keep in mind to factor in all taxes and applicable costs. Websites like Cheap Tickets are good place to see what is offered by the industry based on your specific date and destination.

2. Search for potential standby deals.

Search out for potential deals of standby tickets. Again, pay attention to the final price and note if it includes all taxes and airport costs.

3. Calculate how much can be saved.

You can calculate how much money you can save by subtracting the standby prices out of the bottom-line guaranteed seat prices. Also, you need to consider other potential costs such as foods and hotel cost when you are trapped in the airport or when you have to stay and wait until the next day.

4. Cut down your costs on “standby overhead”.

By planning ahead on your flight, you will be able to cut down on “standby overhead”. You can bring items such as a toothbrush, store up food to avoid dining in restaurants in airport, take sleeping gear to get through the night in lounge at the airport terminal so that you won’t pay for the hotels.

5. Have a plan of effective follow-through.

Once you have selected your standby deal and worked out a plan to get close to airport to wait for your seat, you’ve already done your part and the rest is all in maximizing your chance. The whole point of the standby ticket is that you are not guaranteed for a seat, but you are approaching your goal when you are hanging at the gate and getting connected with the staffs.

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