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How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Five Tips for Saving Your Money at the Grocery Store

It is well know that the grocery bill is one of the biggest expenditure each month for most families. According to the USDA figure in 2009, the family of four at average would spend nearly $120 on groceries every week with the cheapest possible plan for household cost. As we have to pay more on food, we need to think out more approaches to save money on the grocery bills. Here are some tips you could follow in saving your money in such way.

1. Have a better plan for your menu.

It is strongly suggested that in addition to writing a grocery list before you go shopping at the store, it is much better to having a plan for the menu when you start shopping. What you should do is write down anything you family will need for making food for next week. Of course, you should include those necessary for desserts and snacks as well as the items for preparing the bagged lunches. So you just buy the things based on this grocery list according to your planned menu, and it would help you save money on not buying anything not on your shopping list.

2. Go for sales and promotion.

If you want to save your money on grocery shopping, you had better watch closely the local newspapers to know where you could get the sales products in your area in the week. Sometimes, the grocery stores would put on their ads for weekly sales on their website, so if possible, you could take time to search for those websites of grocery stores and do your comparative study to see the better prices offered by the certain stores locally. You should never be loyal to the fixed store. Whenever the sales are on, go and get what you need.

3. Try to avoiding the national brand products.

Why do you spend more money on grocery? The reason is that sometimes you buy the national brand products instead of local ones. However, a lot of local brand foods are better than the national brand one in regard to their quality and taste. Therefore, if possible, try to choose the local brand products and give up those national brand ones, which would really help you save much money you would not notice.  As for some food, such as canned goods, frozen fruits and vegetables, or ingredients, store brands have same quality with the national brands.

4. Build up the habit of clipping coupons.

If you want to spend less money on food, why not build up the habit of clipping coupons. You are kindly advised to use the coupons in every possible way. Usually, the grocery stores would advertise their coupon days. So, in this case, you should know better that how much discount you could enjoy before you would buy any store brand. If possible, you should spend time on looking for coupons in newspapers or magazines, or you could also find some coupons online stores.

5. Stock what you need regularly.

When you find some food on sale and your family needs it on the regular basis, you could stock up it as you think enough for the use of long term. For example, you could buy soup as well as some other canned goods by the case because it is really cheap and save you much money from buying only a small amount. You should be aware that you spend more on stocking up this week, but it would save you more in a long run, since you would spend anymore to buy these items in the following weeks or months.

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