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How to save money at Disney World—4 Tips

How to save money at Disney World—4 Tips

If you plan to spend big bucks in Disney World, then just go for it and stay in the luxurious Disney Resort, enjoying the great Magic! However, having fun in Disney World does not need a lot of money and if you want, you can save some while still can enjoy the time at its fullest. Here are some tips for you save money at Disney World, Orlando.

1. Choose the right hotel room.

If you plan to stay in the Disney World for one week, you can save a bundle by selecting an extended stay hotel because the cost per day decreases significantly. The hotel room you choose should also equip with refrigerator/freezer and kitchen. Most of the hotel rooms around Disney World are designed for families and it is good to have your own food cooked instead of dining out. Coupons for hotels can be found online or in the local hotels and restaurants.

2. Bring a backpack with you!

Purchase raw materials in local grocery stores and cook you own meals can save you a lot. Also, make sure you have a good breakfast before entering the theme parks. If you think you may be hungry during the daytime, pack some foods and beverages with you. You will also need to bring your sunscreen and a hat with you because the sun in Orlando is hot and such items are costly in the parks. Keep in mind to put your money and credit cards in a safe place.

3. Pay for parking and look for discounts.

Although some hotels provide free shuttle services, the time schedule is limited and you can’t enjoy the service whenever you want. In this case, pay for the parking and enjoy more flexible visiting hours. To save money on parking, seek out for parking discounts. You can ask your place of employment for discounted parking pass. Don’t forget to purchase parking passes for multiple days and multiple parks.

4. Attend a time share seminar.

By doing so, you will be able to get your tickets at half price—the price you pay is to lose at least five hours of the day in the theme parks.

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