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How to save money?—6 Tips

How to save money?—6 Tips

Maybe you have heard an old French cliche: You need to have a good defense or offence-save more or make more. The concept is simple but it is never that easy when you actually start to do it. It may consume you a lot of effort to make more money, but as for saving money, you just need consistence and a little bit tips and tricks. Practicing the tips we provide here, finally you’ll be amazed at how much those pennies can add up to.

1. Say goodbye to coffee drinks.

If you go to coffee shop regularly, you know well the price of coffee drinks. If you save the $4 a day that you used to spend on a latte in Starbucks, after 30 years that will be a $100,000 (calculated at 5% interest). Getting avoid of coffee is not saying you can’t have drinks, instead, you can turn to juice that is healthier and cheaper.

2. Pack and take your lunch.

Every day, you may spend about $10 for going out for lunch. This is an easy calculation—you can know in seconds that how much you can save by just packing lunch from home.

3. Be a rational consumer!

You should consider thoroughly before you purchase something. Ask yourself at least three times that if you really “need” it but not just “want” it. Chances exist that without this stuff your life quality may be even better.

4. Spend more money on important people.

Most of our money is spent on purchasing, but sometimes we always ignore the most important in our life—the people that mean a lot to us. Hence, instead of buying plenty of goods, think about cut a bigger share and spend it on your family, friends, and co-workers and so on. You will be happier if everyone around you is also happy.

5. Magic of compounding interest.

You should keep saving as much as possible when you are still young. Time will tell you that the money you saved is really magic and powerful, especially when you are considering to retire in future decades, because your money is earning serious interest!

6. Live just beneath your needs.

Saving money is not let you be a pauper, so the best way is to just go one step down what you could get. If you are afford to buy a Benz, just go and buy an Infinity. If you plan for a one-month vacation, just go for two weeks. Enjoy yourself, and save the rest!

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