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How to Run the 800 Meters

800 meter run

When you have the 800 meters broken down into its split times, you would find that the pace is quite similar to that of the 400 meters, which is actually kind of a dead sprint. So when you run the 800 meters, such combination of distance and speed could make it a particularly painful event, because instead of in your particular lane, you’ll run most of the race in a pack , in addition strategy is very vital important to your success. Here are a few points you should learn in term of strategy applied to your 800 meters.

1. First of all you should begin with your the race strong by accelerating down the straight. You could either break for the inside lane at once or after the first 100 meters, which depends on the type of start with which your race is,

2. Then you had better break for the inside line (or “rail”) at the designated time. Keep it in mind that you should run at a mild angle to the rail rather than run directly at it, because it would ¬†help you merge with the pack and the same time you would not lose speed.

3. You should try to remain in lanes 2 or 3 for your first 300 to 400 meters in the race. If you’re the pack leader, you had better remain on the inside, but if you’re not running in either of these lanes, you should keep yourself you from being “boxed in” by the other runners as the field strings out.

4. During the race, try your best to stay alert and closely watch the two lead runners. If one of them intends to run away from the pack, your should make adjustments in your pace accordingly.

5. When you get to the finishing line, you should go strong, but remember that it should match with your strengths as a runner. If you’ve got blazing speed, take saving it into account for the final 100 meters. If you’ve got great endurance, you should begin with your finish early by enhancing your pace in the last 300 meters. By doing so in either way, you should play better with your own strengths and the weaknesses of other runners in your finish.