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How to Provide Customer Service as a Medical Assistant

How to Provide Customer Service as a Medical Assistant

As medical assistants, you should help nurses and doctors with some fundamental medical tasks and patient care while working in doctor’s offices, hospitals and nursing homes. It is expected based on the report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that during the period between the year of 2008 and that of 2018, the number of medical assistants is would be increased by 34 percent. If you want to become an outstanding medical assistant in the profession, it is of importance to build up good personal skills and offer marvelous customer service as expected. Here are a few tips you could follow in this respect.

1. To be concentrated on one patient at a time.

Although you might have to deal with multiple patients in your daily work, you should remember to focus your attention on the patient you are helping now. You should listen attentively to them in regard to their problems or concerns associated with their health. Try to address their questions to your best capability in the way that they are always treated on the top priority when you offer any necessary help to them.

2. To maintain a positive attitude towards your work.

You should always be cheerful and uplifting to your co-worker and your patients. Often keep a smiling face even if you are feeling distressed because of something upset in your work. Try to avoid being involved in office gossip or grumble about the dislike concerning your job. Instead you had better pick up and concentrate on what you really like to do, and you should be fully aware that no job could offer your 100 percent fun.

3. To follow up on promises.

It is strongly suggested that you should make note of any promises both mentally and physically regarding a patient and then follow through with them. For example, if you have promised to call a patient back or let them informed of arrival of a supply ordered by the doctor for the treatment, you should do it as expected. To keep your promises not means offering good customer service, but also helping strengthen your value and importance in the eyes of the patient.

4. To be engaged in satisfactory phone customer service.

When answering a phone, you should start with a professional and polite greeting. Listen carefully to what patients require and then help solve their problems to your best capability. Over the phone, you should keep smiling face, because it would be helpful in maintaining a more positive voice when speaking. In addition, you should make certain that any messages you write down would be definitely passed on to the correct person in time.

5. To pay attention to offering good customer service to co-workers.

While many medical assistants concentrate on their customer service skills focused on patients, it is of same importance to offer good customer service to doctors, nurses and other related persons you work with. When they need assistance or are in some difficult situations, you should pitch in and offer your helping hand to them. You should often consider your role as a team player and be involved in major projects. Your good rapport with co-workers at present would be much beneficial later when you need a favor or want to negotiate for a higher salary.

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