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How to Prepare Job Interview for a Law Firm

How to Prepare Job Interview for a Law Firm

In most case, the applicants would think the interviews in law firms are stressful and challenging. Whether you are applying for the position of an associate attorney or a paralegal, you should make sure that you are qualified and meet the requirements for such positions. Here we offer a few tips for you to follow for the successful interview you expect.

1. Do your research in advance.

It is strongly suggested that before the interview, you should visit the website of the law firm you are applying for and try to collect as much as the information you could. You should learn well about its practice areas, latest development as well as background information about the attorneys. If you are aware of the name of the attorney who would be interviewing you, then you should make every effort to know her or him to your best understanding. In particular, you should be well-prepared for answering most frequently asked questions in the job interview, such as – Why do you would like to have a job at this firm? Can you tell me something about your weaknesses? What do you prefer to do after your work?

2. Dress up properly.

Before you go to the interview at a law firm, you had better dress up a little bit conservatively. As the common practice goes, the wearing a dark-colored or gray suit for the interviews should be the good and acceptable choice. Make sure that and your suit should be nicely pressed and neatly clean. Try to avoid putting on any improper jewelry, which are oversized or distracting. In addition, you should keep your hair in a simple and smooth style. It is kindly advised that you should follow such recommendations, even if you they are outdated. That would help you leave a favorable impression on your interviewer for a good result of your job interview.

3. Learn to be relaxed and honest.

During the interview, you should behave in a relaxed and honest mood. You should make sure that you are keeping on smiling and do every thing in a polite way. Try to avoid showing that you are bored or frustrated with the interview procedure. Furthermore, you need to bring several copies of your resume and other reference materials with you in case you have the chance or necessity to use them during the interview. At the end of the interview, you may take the opportunity to ask a few questions of your own to make the interviewer believe that how strong your intention to work for the firm, questions like: Could you please give me a detailed job description about the position I am applying for? Or I would like to know about a typical day in the firm? As soon as the interview is finished, before you go, remember to give your thanks to the interviewer and if possible just ask when you could get the final result of your interview.

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