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How to Prepare a Basic Résumé

How to Prepare a Basic Résumé

There are various kinds of résumés according to different jobs. If you intend to write your resume properly and nicely, you had better choose a style which suits your personality and career objectives as much as perfectly. Here are a few tips you could follow when writing your resume.

1. Use one or two fonts at most, and leave out underlined, boldfaced and italic text, because a lot of companies take automated systems for recruitment, which would have difficulty dealing with special formatting.

2. Choose the active voice instead of the passive voice, for instance, you should say ‘achieved the goal’ rather than ‘the goal was achieved’.

3. At the top of your résumé, you should list your personal information for further contact, including your home address, phone number and e-mail address

4.Provide an objectives statement, in which with clear, simple language, you had better specify the job you prefer to take. This should be given below your contact information.

5.List your most recent and relevant experience first, for example, the time frames you make, the company you have worked for and the job titles you have as well as the major responsibilities you take.

6.In the next section, you should provide information about your education, awards, accomplishments and anything else you think your potential employers would like to know about you.

7.Avoid giving some personal information, especially related to your age, race, religious background and sexual orientation.

8.Select your résumé paper with a little personality. If you are interested in a high-technology field, you could send it via e-mail.

9. If possible you should have your résumé limited to one page, otherwise your resume would be a scientific or highly technical one.

10. Have your résumé printed on a high-quality laser printer or new ink jet printer for crisp letters. Leave out applying dot matrix and old ink-jet printers, because they would smear and blur words. Finally remember to write a cover letter to submit with your résumé.