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How to Make Yard Sale Flyers

How to Make Yard Sale Flyers

If you try your best to have a satisfactory yard sale, you should advertise it in every possible ways. The first step to be successful is attracting more people to come. In addition that you should have an ad in local newspapers and put up signs on the street corners, you could also make up some flyers to pass out around town. The following tips might be helpful in the regard.

  1. You should design your yard sale flyer by hand or on the computer. As for designing them, you could go visit some websites on the Internet to get the free flyer templates.
  2. In your flyer, you should include all the necessary information such as the date and time of your yard sale, the detailed address of your home, and the way by which the potential customers could find your sale place.
  3. Attract more people to visit your yard sale in the way that you could list some of the items you put on sale. By doing so, you could list general categories or items, at the same time, you should especially name some items which you think are more appealing to potential buyers or have high value.
  4. Before your sale you should print copies of the flyer as many as you think you could distribute. Another way is that you just print one copy, and then ask an office supply store to have more copies made.
  5. To get a successful yard sale, you should think in such a creative way that you would give out your yard sale flyers as many as possible. For example, you should hang them on bulletin boards in local businesses, give them to parents who could help distribute when picking up your child at school or day care, Or you could bring some copied to where you are working and ask your colleagues to help give them to people they know.


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