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How to Make More Money From a Garage Sale

As far as some people are concerned, a garage sale is a very good chance to get rid of useless things and have the the house cleaned and organized. If you intend to make more money from the garage sale, you had better take a few minutes to read these tips as follows:

1. Get your items ready for sale.

If you would like to make more money from your sale, you should make efforts to do something with dusting, stain removal or a tightened screw, because such acts would pay off in terms of a small time investment. Generally speaking, the price of dirty or damaged items would be discounted down to 40 to 75 percent. It is also suggested that you should keep worn-looking clothes be separated from those in good condition.

2.Price your items to sell.

To make more money from a garage sale, you should price your items competitively, if possible you could do some comparison online. If your price is not reasonable, many people would not even stop to negotiate and just pass on overpriced items. By day’s end, you have to be forced to take an offer lower than your desired price.

3.Make some discount prices.

If your items are not sold after the first day, you should add a sign to tell people your percentage off. This would be much helpful to move hard-to-sell items and those that have been overpriced.

4.Advertise your garage sale heavily.

If you want your sale quite noticeable, you should offer clear directions and plenty of directional signs. Otherwise, thrifty shoppers would pass, because it is hard for them to find your sale.

5.Reach a broader audience for your sale.

If you want to make your sale a profitable one, you should go for online and off-line free or paid advertising. You are suggested to make better use of Craigslist, local bulletin boards and newspapers. When making your sale signs, you should use brightly colored construction paper and large block letters and numbers, or some commercial garage sale ones.

6.Display your garage sale goods properly.

If you would like to attract more potential customers from the roadside, you should display your sale items from your garage onto your driveway, and then position a variety of attractions outside (furniture, clothes, housewares, tools, electronics). In this way you could draw attention from a much larger numbers of possible buyers.