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How to Lose Weight in High School

How to Lose Weight in High School

Being overweight in high school could be the cause of teasing and humiliation, and it might also lead to some medical problems in your future life. Under the burden of busy schedules, a lot if of homework, as well as an active social life, a quite number of teenagers have to work hard to do more exercises and try to maintain a healthy diet. Although it is necessary to pursue some changes in the lifestyle, if one intends to lose weight, the result of weight loss should be precious to one’s health and self-esteem. However it is not an easy task, which needs the strong commitment from you and your family and friends. Here are a few tips you could follow so as to achieve your goal in weight loss during the days in high school.

1. To set up practical goals for yourself.

Before you begin with a serious plan for weight-loss, you go to consult your doctor to seek for advice and suggestions in order to make your plan suitable to your body type and needs. At the same time, you had better tell your family members and friends about your decision to lose weight. Surely they would be glad to offer their help to you in striving for your goals. It is quite important to have a good support system to complete the weight-loss plan.

2. To build up habits for healthy eating.

You should have a balanced breakfast each morning, plus some necessary helpings of fruit, lean protein, vegetables as well as whole wheat throughout the day. You should pay much attention to drinking lots of water, which must be included in your weight-loss plan. Furthermore, you should avoid having some empty carbohydrate such as processed pasta and white bread, and abandon greasy and highly sugared foods. However you should be clear that the key to losing weight lies in balance and moderation, rather than starvation.

3. To go for a good exercise routine matching your physical abilities.

It doest not require you to do with the four-hour strenuous exercise in the gym every day. While you maintain your diet, you could go for a walk, ride bike, or play basketball for one hour each day. Any kind of physical activity would be helpful in losing weight, no matter what you do, walking the dog or climbing up and down stairs at school between classes would be some kind of effects.

4. To establish a healthy sleeping schedule.

As teenagers, it is necessary for you to have six-eight-hour sleep each night. When you intend to lose weight, you should take it more seriously, because if you do not have adequate rest, the metabolism of your body would fail to work well and properly..

5. To reward yourself occasionally.

Rewarding yourself is very vital to complete your weight-loss plan. When you have realized a certain goal, you should reward yourself with an ice cream sundae or cheeseburger, but at the moment you enjoy such food, you should be aware that these are “sometimes foods,” and should be eaten only in moderation.