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How to Improve Networking Skills

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Although it is not natural that networking would come to you, there are something you could improve in this regard. You might work very hard so as to slip out of your shell and get in touch with people you like to know. However, when you have acquired better networking skills, your career or business could be jump-started and you would be certainly on an upward path. The following tips could be useful if you could have some practice with the willingness to use networking to your advantage.

1. Prepare a brief self-introduction. You might do it in several versions, which could be customized to different situations. For instance, when you intend to find a new position or begin with a new business, you should have two versions — one for employment contacts and one for venture capitalists.

2. When you get your introduction ready, you should practice it by standing before a mirror and at the same time, you should pay much attention to your posture and stance. Through keeping your shoulders back and your eyes up, you could exude confidence in a better way.

3. After your practice, you had better present yourself in front of a friend or someone you trust to rehearse your short introduction. Their constructive criticism to help would be much helpful in improving your introduction.

4. When you are ready for networking, help yourself get a chance to do so. At first you are kindly suggested to unveil your introductory speech at the low-key and low-pressure occasion, such as a casual party to an alumni event for your college or university, because it would help you get rid of some unrest.

5. At your first networking occasion, you should introduce yourself to at least one new person. By overcoming your fear or shyness, you would become confident and at ease with next introduction. The best way to greatly enhance your networking skills should be having more the real-world experiences as much as possible.