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How to Improve Customer Service at a Nursing Home

How to Improve Customer Service at a Nursing Home

When more people are getting older and have their retirement from work, they often think of moving into a nursing home, but sometimes with unsettled, mixed emotions. There are quite a number of news stories demonstrating the poor treatment frequently seen in senior living homes. If you are the employer of one of such homes, it is vital to pay more attention to service and treatment of residents living there, because the excellent customer service will make a nursing home the nice place for all who are involved in the daily operation.

1. Hire employees who are suitable for having a job in a nursing home, because not everyone has the appropriate personal characters for such a job. It is necessary for the staff working there to be empathetic and polite to the residents, including those engaged in peripheral jobs, like employees responsible for cooking and custodial functions. Therefore, it is very important to choose workers who would find pleasure in serving the older adults.
2. It is strongly suggested that you should set up a suggestion box for your residents. If they have any complaints about the way in which they are not properly treated, it is the outlet from them to speak out their grievances to you. As many residents in a nursing home are with diminished eyesight, you had better offer the large-print suggestion sheets with the box.
3. If possible, you should offer necessary training to your employees when they begin with their work. Some people tend to treat older people as if they are infants, even if they actually mean well. You should try your utmost to ensure that your residents are treated in the respected, dignified and enjoyable way.
4. It is kindly recommended that you should organize meetings and workshops for your staff on a regular basis. If you find something negative in regard to trends in the way your residents are treated, then you should put it forward at these meetings or workshops. You had better offer role-playing situations in which people could play their parts with preset scenarios to know more about the better way to provide good treatment to the residents in a nursing home.
5. Try to listen attentively to your residents with all the complaints. It is common that regardless of their profession, some employees would act differently in the absence of their employer. When you know that someone on your staff is not treating the residents well, you should take it seriously. If you think he or she is not suitable for the job, then just replace him or her with hiring someone new.

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