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How to Hold an Online Garage Sale

How to Hold an Online Garage Sale

Garage sales are regarded as a very old tradition for getting rid of your junk and giving it someone else for a few bucks. If you want to hold an online garage sale, the following tips might be helpful in this respect.

1. Decide what things you are going to sell. You had better look through your house room by room or floor by floor and then pile everything in one area.

2. Take photos. You should ensure that you have your items shown in the best possible light. If possible you should show them from different angles for better presentation.

3. As for items that could be delivered cheaply and safely, like cameras or DVD players, you should list them on eBay, where you could hold a seven-day auction, and list the items for the minimum price you would like to take. In addition, you should have a clear estimation of your delivery, because you don’t like to lose some money on it. If you have to buy a box, you should go for a handling charge. However, you had better use U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, for you would have a free box and your buyers would get their stuff faster.

4. For “non-shippable” items such as furniture, lamps, or bikes, you should list them on craigslist. Make sure that you always trade in cash and state all of your necessary terms up front.

5. If you have some items not sold for previous sales, you should relist them on craigslist. Keep trying and someone would buy them eventually.