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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Many people host garage sales all the year round. Here are a few tips you could follow in regard to organizing and making your garage sale be successful one.

1. To gather your items.

If you want to have a garage sale, you should gather items to sell. In our house, we all have stored things, which we haven’t used or seen in a long time. It is a common understnading that if you haven’t used some ites for 2 or more years, you should throw them away or sell them. If you think you do not get enough items to hold a garage sale, you had better ask your nerighbours or your family members whether they would like to take part in your garage sale.

2. To make signs & pricing posters.

In order to help customers know about your garage sale and follow it, you should creat all your signs the same.If it’s legal to place the signs in your city,y ou had beter place them on street poles with arrows showing where your garage sale is . In addition, instead of pricing each individual item, you should put like items together and just have one poster showing the price. For instance, Hardcover Books-$$, Paperback Books-$$, etc. Then you only need a price guide at the register, which could help you save money on supplies.

3. To put an ad in your local paper.

In the certain times of the year, your town would host a city-wide garage sale. It should be the time for you to host your garage sale, becasue you would see so many people come around and try to find the useful items to them. But if you want to have your garage sale at other times of the year, you had better place an ad in local news paper. How many letters/characters you have in your ad would account for its cost. Therefore you should work hard to select your words wisely and pick out the items you think would sell the best to be written in your ad. Remember to include the date, time, and address of your garage sale.

4. To hold your garage sale.

You should invite someone else to help you in case you have to go to toilet or do something unexpected. By doing so, you could avoid that your garage sale is open to stealing only if ayou are away for one second. Make sure that you should prepare some plastic bags for people to carry the items they just buy. In addtion, you should also get enough change in your cash drawer. During your garage sale, you should keep smiling, try to be friendly, and be ready to haggle, becasue if you’re friendly, helpful, and convincing, people would be more pleased to buy items from your garage sale.

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