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How to Have a Garage Sale

How to Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale is a better approach to rid old and unnecessary stuff of the house so as to make some extra cash. It would be kind of fun to be involved for everyone. If it is the first time for you to deal with the garage sale, the following tips might be helpful to you in order to get a satisfactory sale.

1. Decide a date for your garage sale and collect as many items as you could find. Remember not to give things away, because you might be surprised to see what people would buy at a garage sale. You had better ensure that every item you put on display should be as clean as possible.

2. If you do not get a lot of items to sell in the garage sale, you had better invite other families to participate in it. By doing so, it could not only help you cut back on the burden of handling the sale for a whole day, but also help to attract more potential buyers if you got more items for sale..

3. If possible, you could advertise your yard sale in the local newspaper at least one week before your sale starts. You had better ensure that you must stick to the time you have set, make it easy for people to find their way to the location. In addition, you should specify in your advertisement some of the items you are going to sell. On the day of the sale, you should place some big signs a few blocks away to tell people that a sale is going on even if they do not read the paper

4. In order to make your sale go well, you should mark the price of the items clearly, and you would be glad to bargain with your costumers. In a common sense, you had better mark your items about 1/4 of the retail price, unless they are quite new. When you have some doubt about pricing, you could make the price a little higher than you think, it would tell the potential buyers that you are willing to haggle.

5. Get plenty of tables, shelves and other items to display your sale items. You should ensure that you remove anything you do not intend to sell or mark it with “not for sale” or people will ask about purchase. When you display your items, you should ensure that everything is easy to see, because your customers dislike sifting through boxes.

6. You should have plenty of change available in advance before your yard sale; because garage sale items are usually priced low and you need to change bills. Have lots of change, singles and five dollar bills.

7. In order to attract more costumers, you should try your best to create a pleasant environment for them. You could play some music that everyone would like, or if it is a hot day, keep a cooler with ice, water and soda for people to buy.