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How to Buy a Wig

How to Buy a Wig

Whether it is necessary or you prefer to present a personal style, choosing a suitable wig would be a great idea to make nicer hair without a lot of fuss. Here are a few things to be considered when you intend to buy the one that’s right for you.

1. It is vital to buy a wig style which would best match your own lifestyle and needs. Caps would be multi-functioned and made in high-quality, hand-stitched varieties, while capless would use a honey comb construction and could be ventilated. In a better way. When you take capless wigs, it is easy to pull your natural hair through.

2. When you want to purchase a wig, you had better take your facial shape into account. If you have a oval face, you could choose almost any style of wigs. With a square face, you could go for long, layered types. As for oblong face, you should select short or curly styles. If you have a heart-shaped face, you should buy a chin length wig with height at the bottom .

3. When choosing a wig, you should consider that its color would best match with your skin tone. It would be a good idea to have your chosen wig match to your natural hair color as close as possible. To do this, you could use your eyebrows as a guideline. Highlights and dimension would be considered as main factors in this regard.

4. To have the right size is vital to buy a wig. You could have your measurements taken by a professional or you should try on a variety of sizes before you find you get the perfect fit.

5. There are two main kinds of wigs, namely synthetic ones and   human hair wigs. As for synthetic styles, they are required less care compared with human hair designs and come pre-styled and ready to wear. However human hair wigs are much more expensive and they should be trimmed and styled by a professional before you could wear them.