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Healthy Raw Food Diet Tips

Healthy Raw Food Diet Tips

Raw food diets are defined as vegan diets that contain 75 to 80 percent uncooked vegetables and fruits. Some people report higher energy levels and feeling healthier after starting with a raw food diet. However, just as any other diets, you should make sure you have proper nutrition intake when performing raw food diets.

1. Consume healthy fats.

Some raw foods contain more than enough fat for appropriate nutrition. Avocado is high in monounsaturated fat, one of the healthiest fats to consume. Nuts of any kind contain oils, with hazelnuts, almonds, and macadamia nuts being high in both fat and protein.

2. Eat more green vegetables.

It is beneficial to eat green vegetables for a high percentage of your daily calories. The first benefit is that green vegetables are great sources of vitamins, fibers and other nutritional facts. Green vegetables are also very rich in vegetable protein. They also contain a lot of vitamin K, which can promote healthy bones.

3. Have some fruits.

Having more fruits can help you get a variety of minerals and vitamins. For instance, bananas are good energy foods and they are rich in potassium. Oranges contain calcium, vitamin C, folate and potassium, and their sugars make them an outstanding energy food.

4. Intake adequate iron.

If you intake insufficient iron in your daily diet, you would have a problem for your health. To fix this, consume foods that are high in iron. Foods high in iron naturally are spinach, watercress, peanuts, cashews, prunes and figs.

5. Use vitamin B12 supplements.

One nutrient that is rarely found in raw foods is vitamin B1. There is debate on whether vitamin B12 is necessary because some people believe that primate in the wild eating raw foods while don’t intake B12. However, scientists found that when primates moved from the wild to captivity, they showed a lower level in B12 if fed solely by raw foods. This is likely to happen because most wild primates either accidently or intentionally consume insects, which contain vitamin B12. Therefore, many professionals on vegan and raw food diets highly recommend people to take vitamin B12 supplements when performing raw food diets.
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