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Healthy Living Tips for Teenagers

Healthy Living Tips for TeenagersIt is usual among teenagers that they seldom put their health and wellness as top issues on the daily agenda. Even if they have to face a lot of pressures in regard to school, friendships, part-time jobs as well as dating, they are not used to giving enough attention to such issues. Teenagers should develop kind of good living habits as young adults, which could leave a lasting impact on their well-being and health in the future

1. Pay attention to nutrition.

The teenage obesity is now very popular in the U.S.A. One of reasons should be overconsumption of sugar in the daily life. It is been approved in the scientific study that at present, teenagers consume 120 g of added sugar on average every day, that figure is equal to the amount of 480 additional calories. Overconsumption of sugar would lead to heart diseases and diabetes for the teenagers later in their life. Parents should teach and encourage their teen in taking proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy eating habit when they are at home.

2. Be careful of sexual activity.

As parents, they do not like to see that their teen would have sex at an early age. However, it is common that many teens could start with sexual activity when they are at high school. It is not easy task for parents to talk about sex with their teens, but it is strongly recommended that parents should discuss with their teens about both abstinence and contraceptive options as early as possible. Such discussion would be much helpful in providing information to teenagers on origin of sex and safety of sexual activity. If parents find that it is difficult for them to talk directly with their teens about sex, they are kindly advised to get a family doctor to do the job for them, because a professional, he could be able to answer all the questions the teens could propose and care more about the related issues about teen sex.

3. Focus on mental health.

Due to the physical and mental changes during their adolescence, the teenagers could easily face the problem of depression. Issues related to depression include the pressure of good performance at school, difficulty of getting along well with their peers, or trying hard for the claim of independence. For the better protection of their child’s emotional well-being, it is strongly suggested that parents should make every effort to create a loving and stable home environment so as to let teens have kind of comfort with which they would like to share their personal feelings and experiences. In addition, parents should also aware of some signs of depression of their teens, for example, their children may be not interested in activities, experience unexplained weight gain or loss and a remarkable drop in the grades at school. To deal with such things better, the family doctor should be called to offer help and advice to the parents as well as teens if necessary.

4. Avoid the risky behavior.

Sometimes, many teens are forced to experiment with alcohol or drugs which is no good to their health because of addiction or physical harm. Why they want to have a try of alcohol or drug? They think such things could be sort of helpful stress or anxiety relief. If parents want to keep their teens away from using drug or drinking alcohol, it is very important for parents to build up the relationship of trust, openness and honesty with their teens. By doing so, parents could be able to better understand the stress or challenges teens are having and help them to find out the practical approach to the solutions of such problems.

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