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Health Tips on Keeping Prostate Health

Tips for Keeping Prostate in Good Health

At present, prostate cancer is regarded as a major risk for men who are aged over 40. In some cases, a number of men are more likely to have prostate cancer due to race, genetics and age. However, if you could learn something about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a carefully-chosen diet and necessary exercises, you would greatly reduce the percentage of having prostate cancer or some other diseases related with prostate.

1. Have a proper diet.

Whether you are prone to the prostate problems depends on the diet that you take everyday. As suggested by the professional organization against prostate cancer, if you want to maintain a healthy prostate and prevent yourself from related diseases, you should have a diet rich in fat, which could help your body produce less antioxidants. Therefore you should incorporate enough lean protein into your daily diet, such as the sources like fish or chicken. Instead of having fried foods, you should go for the raw foods, like leafy greens, or blueberries and cranberries, which are better and healthier fruits with high content of antioxidant. It is well-known that Lycopene is also very helpful in enhancement of antioxidant in the prostate. For taking more antioxidant, you had better have more tomato-based products. On the other hand, you should try to avoid the grilled or charred foods, because the carcinogens in those foods would inflame the prostate and cause more related problems.

2. Go for more exercise.

If you would like to fight against prostate diseases, you should keep on doing exercise for 30 minutes on the regular basis everyday, it could help reduce the risk of such diseases by 10 percent to 30 percent. The function of physical activity is easily seen in keeping hormone level stable, because if your hormone level is not controlled well, it would give rise to the prostate cancer. At it is also known that prostate diseases are closely associated with obesity, so doing exercise daily would help keep you fit and cut down the risk of getting prostate diseases. It is strongly recommended that you should keep on doing exercise for 30 minutes everyday so as to ensure that the beat rate of your heart is the best for your good health.

3. Pay attention to screening.

Once you are getting to be over 40, you should go and visit your doctor, talking about screening for prostate cancer. As most men who are found with prostate diseases after diagnosis are over 50, you should better go to have a screening before that age to find out any warning signs of prostate cancer. The aim of the screening tests includes the predispositions to prostate diseases in regard to your habits, lifestyle and genetics. Sometimes, the abnormal tissue would be tested as well. The earlier you start with screening, the better opportunity you get for fighting against the disease once you are diagnosed with it. It is strongly suggested that you should have a screening as soon as possible when you are over 40 and you should have it every year.

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