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Health Tips for the Respiratory System

Health Tips for the Respiratory System

If you want to keep a good health, you should pay more attention to normal function of your respiratory system. In regard to a healthy respiratory system, you may take it for granted that breathing would take place almost automatically. What you do not know is that if a slight decrease in your lung function happen, it would bring the disorder throughout the other part of your body, thus causing the total decline of your health. Therefore, you should be aware of a few factors leading to lung dysfunction so as to take some practical measures for maintaining a healthy respiratory system.

1. Quit smoking immediately.

As a smoker, if you want to do something in improvement of your respiratory system, you should stop smoking immediately; because, tar and a lot of chemicals contained in cigarette would greatly influence your lungs in terms of capacity and efficiency. It is commonly recognized that even if you are a heavy smoker in face of some chronic and irreversible respiratory problems, to give up smoking at any time would be much helpful in reversing some acute health problems. If you do not smoke, you should do everything possible to avoid secondhand smoke in order to improve or protect your respiratory system.

2. Go for more exercises.

If you would like to improve your respiratory health remarkably, you should keep on doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis. During your exercises, your muscles would need more oxygen, which would in turn give the signal to your brain stimulating your respiratory system for increased breathing or ventilation. Such increase in terms of the frequency and depth of your breathing would expand your lungs, promote the alveoli’s elasticity, and get rid of old or stale air within your lungs so as make your diaphragm stronger. All of these would be effective for a long time in improvement of your respiratory health even if when you quit exercising sometimes. In order to bring maximum benefits to your respiratory health, you are kindly advised to be engaged in certain types of exercises good breathing, like Pilates or yoga.

3. Have a healthy daily diet.

It is very important to have a healthy daily diet in regard to keeping healthy lungs. The vitamins and other nutrients are necessary for your body to build and maintain tissues efficiently; such tissues include those consisting of your respiratory system. It has been shown in some studies that the omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats could reduce inflammation in your lungs and are beneficial to patients of asthma through their ameliorative function.

4. Focus on a good hygiene.

Your respiratory health depends largely on the factors of viral or bacterial infection. Pneumonia or influenza could seriously reduce the capacity and ability for absorption of oxygen within your lung. Therefore, in order to decrease the risks of getting microbial illnesses, you should keep a proper hygiene. By doing so, you should avoid touching public surfaces whenever possible and try to leave your hands away from your face. Before every meal, you should wash your hands as a compulsory action.

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