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Health Tips for Preventing Heart Diseases

Health Tips for Preventing Heart Diseases

According to the data collected by the American Heart Association, the number of the patients with coronary artery disease now reaches 16.5 million people in the country. The coronary artery disease refers to the symptom that the blood vessels are so damaged or blockaded that they could not transport blood to the heart. So such disease is ranked as the top cause of death in the U.S.A. However, if you could learn something about the coronary artery disease, in most cases, these heart diseases are more likely to be preventable.

1. Be careful of the foods you eat.

If you want to prevent yourself from heart diseases, you had better reduce your dietary intake of sodium, because sodium could enhance pressure on blood and the heart. And at the same time, you should be also aware of LDL cholesterol, as kind of waxy substance, it could have the arteries clogged to prevent the normal blood feeding to the heart. Therefore, in order to keep heart health, you should avoid taking the foods with high content of sodium, including highly processed foods like canned meats, soup, and vegetables, the pork-based products such as ham, pepperoni and bacon, as well as fast food, when you eat, you would put on more salt on them. In addition, you want to intake less LDL cholesterol , you should try to have eat as little meat, eggs, dairy products oils as possible, especially those foods with the high content of in trans fat.

2. Choose foods good for heart health.

As we all know that LDL cholesterol is harmful to heart health, but if you could increase levels of HDL cholesterol, it would be much helpful in prevention of blockages through the removal of buildups of LDL cholesterol. As for increasing HDL cholesterol levels, you could eat foods with high content of Omega-3 fatty acid and fiber such as walnuts, flaxseed, fish as well as kiwi. Just like HDL cholesterol, potassium, as important factor for maintaining the balance with sodium, could assist decrease adverse effects of sodium. If you need to have foods high in potassium, you should take more foods like leafy green vegetables, potatoes, and broccoli as well as most kinds of vegetables and fruits.

3. Go for a right lifestyle.

If you would like to reduce the direct impact on heart health, you should go for a right lifestyle. Your heart would be strong and healthy if you keep on doing daily exercises. It is kindly advised that you should be engaged in aerobic exercise in a moderate way for twenty to thirty minutes each day. As the heart could be easily damaged by ingesting chemicals, especially from smoking, because smoking would cut down oxygenation levels and promote blood clots, thus damaging heart tissue. If you would like to improve your heart health, you could take alcohol in small amounts on a regular basis, for example you could drink one or two glasses of wine every day. However, having too much alcohol would be harmful to cell walls and organs which are very important in giving support to the overall health of the heart.


As a patient of the coronary artery disease, before following any health advice as well as the tips presented here, you are strongly suggested to visit your physician as the top priority.

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