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Health Tips for Kids

Health Tips for Kids

It is very important for kids to build up good health habits during their childhood. If a kid, when he is young, could develop certain kind of right lifestyle, including eating properly, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep and going for good hygiene, he would continue to stick to such good habits when he is getting into his adulthood.

1. Participate in physical exercise as early as possible.

Kids are regarded as the creatures of habit, so it is vital to build up a good habit of doing exercise when they are still very little. It is kindly suggested that kids should be engaged in physical exercise for an hour every day, such as stretching, walking or light calisthenics. The type of exercise could be divided into either individual one or group one, like swimming or filed & track. Weight training is also necessary for the kids over 15. Physical exercise would help kids have the positive and competitive attitudes towards the future life.

2. Focus on necessary nutrition.

If kids are taught to have a healthy eating habit, then they would be intended to choose their healthful favorite foods and keep on them even if they grow up. It is strongly recommended that kids should take more fresh vegetables and fruits each day as well as protein from the foods like eggs, nuts and lean meat. As far as intake of high-fiber is concerned, they should eat cereals and whole-grain breads. In their daily diet, they should always avoid taking junk food and fast food, which are quite harmful to their health in a long run. As for the cooking style, kids should take the steamed, grilled and broiled foods rather than fried ones. Instead of having fruit or sugar-filled soda drinks, kids should be taught to drink water, milk and real juice for better options in their daily life.

3. Pay attention to hand-washing.

It is very common for kids to play and touch anything they like. As a result, it is easy for them to have and spread many germs. Although it is healthy for the immune system of kids who are exposed to germ at certain level, as for a kid with poor hygiene, it would be harmful to some extent and make them ill. Therefore, kids should be encouraged to build up the good habit of hand-washing habits when they are little. Before and after having something to eat, they should wash their hands with hot water and soap entirely and completely, especially after using the restroom. By doing so, kids would keep themselves clean and prevent themselves from risks of being sick.

4. Get enough sleep.

To ensure the kids have enough sleep, it is necessary to establish a bedtime for the kids of all ages. For those who are between 1 and 3 years old, sleep for 10 to 13 hours a day is necessary. As for kids from 6 to 9 years old, they should have a 10-hour sleep every night, but 9 1/2 hours would be enough for teenagers. Without enough sleep, it would cause some problems, like short-term memory and decreased attention, which could result in the poor performance when they are at school.

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